Monday, July 29, 2013

Review: Missha Skin Tightening Auto Massager (Revised on 8th June 2014)

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It's another week again, how's your weekend? Mine is goodie :) :) Relaxing weekend is good once in a while ya. ha ha

As I promised from my last blog, I will write the review of the haul article. 

Today the main cast is MISSHA Skin Tightening Auto Massager. Ta-Da

The Box - Not big and fancy box

It is light-weight and fit to your palm

The tip of product comes with LED which can helps to stimulate the skincare product you use together with the massager
The Back of the box: Instruction on How to use, even tho it is in Korean but it comes w/ picture so I can understand it eventually haha

Close of on the HOW-TO Operate:
This picture below shows that you only need to touch the middle silver plat of the product and also touch the LED top tour skin to generate the massager.
Remember there is NO SWITCH ON and OFF button (as I also look for it for the first time)

How to use: 
Move the massager on your face as the picture shown below. Easy peasy :>

1. It is Light-weight massager, not the bulky, heavy one which is good thing.
2. No switch on and off, so once you release your hand from the silver plat, it will stop automatically.
    3. The Design is pretty good, simple and most importantly it fits well on my palm.
    4. The vibration is good enough, not the super vibrate or less vibrate. So we only get shock. hahaa J/K
    5. It operates on AAA battery X 1
    6. Even tho, there is no big difference on my skin but I feel like the skincare is absorbing really fast while I         use the massager (*big thumb)
    7. Pretty cheap for massager. 
1. The battery runs out really quick since only 1 battery. But if Missha make it rechargeable massager, it will be much better. 
2. Sometimes the sensor is a bit off duty which means need to be really touch (a bit harder) to our skin.
3. The quality is not good, It does not last long, the product broke easily (mine broke after half year) :(( 
But overall this product is good in massage and surely cheap!

NO, since the quality is not good, I rather pay more expensive for a long-lasting product.


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